What to expect the first time you wear your ShoeCues

It will probably feel different than any shoe or insole you have worn. Not in a painful way, but almost like a massage. You will notice that you start to become much more aware of how you are walking, standing, and striking the ground. This is the goal. The first step to improving your movement patterns is to become more aware of how you are currently moving. Over the next few days and week you will likely notice when moving that you are landing softer and lighter on your feet, without even thinking about it. This means you are taking steps (pun intended) in the right direction. Keep wearing your Cues and your body will continue to refine and ingrain this new movement pattern.

Size Guide
ShoeCue Size US UK Euro
Small Men's 5 - 7.5 or Women's 6 - 9 4 - 6.5 37 - 40
Medium Men's 8 - 10.5 or Women's 9.5 - 12 7 - 9.5 41 - 43
Large Men's 11 - 14 or Women's 12+ 10 - 13 44 - 48